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Adhesion to Intermediate Credit Entities – we have competence from North to South of the Country, including Islands

Adesão Entidades Intermediárias de Crédito – temos competência de Norte a Sul do País, incluindo Ilhas

Decree-Law no. 81-C/2017 of 7 July, in paragraph 2 of its article 70, requires credit intermediaries to adhere to at least two arbitration centres.

This Arbitration Center has already had many adhesions, from North to South of the country, within the scope of the aforementioned legislation imposed by the Bank of Portugal on bank credit intermediaries.
We inform you that CAUAL is an arbitration center with generic competence and of national scope, being able to host any legally arbitrable dispute, in addition to consumer disputes. It is therefore much broader in relation to the disputes it receives.
Thus, neighbourhood, commercial (contracts and others), family (regulation and change of parental responsibilities, divorces, inheritance), labor conflicts, in the context of "health", are also included in the service we provide, in addition to the one that is for you. required by the Bank of Portugal.

We also inform you that joining this Arbitration Center has an annual cost of €60.00 (which amounts to €5.00/month). Payment is made annually.

Once the membership process has been completed, you will be informed of a sticker proving membership, which must be displayed at your establishment in a visible place, as well as a statement proving that you have signed up to this Arbitration Center.

For more information, see our website where we provide all the necessary information to join:

Adhesion - Credit Intermediaries

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