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Adhesion - Credit Intermediaries

The following membership form must be completed, signed (in the case of a legal person, it must have the signature of whoever has the power to bind it, and the respective stamp must also be affixed), scanned and sent to the email:, along with scanning the copy of the corporate card or copy of the commercial certificate (you can also send the numbers of the permanent certificate).

The documents can also be sent via CTT to the address:

  • Arbitration Center of the Autonomous University of Lisbon
  • Rua de Santa Marta, n.º 43 – E, 1.º C – 1150-293 Lisbon, Portugal

We also inform you that joining this Arbitration Center has an annual cost of €60.00 (which amounts to €5.00/month) + VAT at the legal rate in force, for each commercial point or store. Payment is made annually.

Once the membership process has been completed, you will be informed of a sticker proving membership, which must be displayed at your establishment in a visible place, as well as a statement proving that you have signed up to this Arbitration Center.