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Who we are

The Arbitration Center of the Autonomous University of Lisbon (CAUAL) was authorized by Ministerial Order No. 8294/97 of 29 September (Di谩rio da Rep煤blica, 2nd Series, of 29 September 1997).

It is an arbitration center of generic competence and of national scope, being able to cover all legally arbitrable conflicts.


At this moment in which we are going through an unprecedented pandemic crisis, as a result, relationships between users and agents working in the health area have increased. With the increase in the demand for health care, users and professionals are at the limit of their physical and psychological capacities and, here, conflict arises, inevitable, always present in us, because it is intrinsic to the human being. The Arbitration Center of the Universidade Aut贸noma de Lisboa is the only arbitration center capable of handling conflicts related to the health area. Conflicts between users and professionals and between them, among themselves! If you have a conflict caused by the provision of a clinical service, if you have a conflict with a colleague (doctor, nurse or other), contact our arbitration center. Our professionals will help you resolve the controversial issues you are dealing with.
CAUAL is an arbitration center with the material capacity to accommodate all types of consumer disputes. If a conflict has arisen from a poorly provided service, contact us, we are available to help you overcome the situation!

Activity Report - 2021

Activities Plan - 2022

Tourism is one of the areas prone to the emergence of conflicts, caused by poor service provision. CAUAL has a team specialized in conflicts related to the tourism sector. Questions related to travel and accommodation, among many other issues, are handled in the Arbitration Center of the Universidade Aut贸noma de Lisboa in a professional manner. The main advantages of resolving conflicts related to tourism are speed, low cost and a high degree of satisfaction. Contact us!
The use of telecommunications, nowadays, takes a substantial part of our day-to-day. Because these means of communication are used by so many millions of people, there are many controversies generated by the use of the service. CAUAL has competent professionals and privileged contacts with telecommunications operators who help to resolve conflicts, in a faster way and with a greater degree of satisfaction. If you have a conflict in the area of telecommunications, contact us, we'll help!
The Arbitration Center of the Universidade Aut贸noma de Lisboa receives numerous cases related to family matters daily. You can find family conflict mediators at CAUAL, with extensive experience, namely in cases of divorce, regulation of parental responsibilities, inheritances and many other family issues. Mediation of family conflicts helps citizens to settle their conflicts out of court, at a low cost, with greater speed and with a very high degree of satisfaction, since it is the parties involved who work out the solutions, with the help of the mediator who is an impartial third party. If you have unresolved family issues, look for us and be happier!
Who among us has not had a labor dispute? At some point in our professional career, we have all had an issue with the hierarchy or with a co-worker. Letting conflicts drag on in the workplace is half the battle for the deterioration of mental health and somatization. Many of those who come to us have long been "on sick leave" and the resolution of conflicts that affect them has become an absolute priority. Don't let that happen to you. Attack conflict at its source, preventing its escalation. For low-intensity conflicts, the use of labor mediation is the best solution, to the detriment of the judicial court. Labor dispute mediation at CAUAL has a settlement rate of 99%, which is why it is the best option for settling disputes based on individual employment relationships. For employers, withdrawing from conflict avoids worker absence and increases productivity. Remove conflicts from your work relationships. Contact us!
Neighborhood conflicts are, nowadays, the ones that cause most concern to the common citizen, since it causes them unhappiness. Who hasn't had neighbors who make noise at inappropriate times, cause disturbances or make inappropriate demands? Life in society, and more specifically, in a condominium, requires an adaptation for which not everyone is prepared. As a result, conflict arises. Non-compliance with obligations between neighbors (payment of condominium fees, among others) also greatly contributes to neighborhood conflicts. Not all neighborhood disputes have legal relevance and, therefore, are not accepted by the judicial court. At CAUAL, we accept all types of legally arbitrable conflicts. Stop conflicts at their source, maintain good neighborly relations. If you have a neighborhood conflict, contact us!
ARE YOU A BANK CREDIT INTERMEDIARY? AND DO YOU NEED INFORMATION OR JOIN AN ARBITRATION CENTER? CONTACT US!! The need for companies and commercial entities to join the 2 Arbitration Center, imposed by the Bank of Portugal, remains in force and we continue to receive new members daily. The Arbitration Center of the Universidade Aut贸noma de Lisboa is competent to receive these adhesions, from north to south of the country, including the Islands. For more information and to download the membership form, see here on our website, under the "Subscription" tab.


January 23, 2023
The Arbitration Center of the Autonomous University of Lisbon signed a partnership protocol with the Parish of Algueir茫o-Mem Martins, with a view to providing the arbitration service...
O Centro de Arbitragem da Universidade Aut贸noma de Lisboa (CAUAL)
The Arbitration Center of the Autonomous University of Lisbon (CAUAL)
July 7, 2022
The Arbitration Center of the Autonomous University of Lisbon (CAUAL) is the only competent entity in Portugal 馃嚨馃嚬 to resolve conflicts of all kinds...
July 7, 2022
SUSTAINABLE CONSUMPTION Consumer incentive system for the return of plastic beverage packaging remains in operation until the end of 2022 It was published...
Direitos dos Passageiros 鈥 Transporte A茅reo
Passenger Rights - Air Transport
July 7, 2022
Passenger Rights 鈥 Air Transport Are you traveling this summer? The Directorate-General for the Consumer and the European Consumer Center Portugal recommend that you inform yourself...
Carregador universal na Uni茫o Europeia em 2024
Universal charger in the European Union in 2024
June 8, 2022
Universal charger in the European Union in 2024 From autumn 2024 there will be a single universal USB-C charger in the European Union for mobile phones, tablets...
A Junta de Freguesia de Cascais e Estoril renovou Protocolo com o CAUAL.
The Parish Council of Cascais and Estoril renewed the Protocol with CAUAL.
June 8, 2022
馃 with CAUAL, the protocol that facilitates the population's access to extrajudicial means of speedy resolution of disputes with reduced cost. Result of...
Junta de Freguesia de Alcabideche renovou Protocolo com o CAUAL
Alcabideche Parish Council renewed Protocol with CAUAL
June 8, 2022
We praise the renewal of the Protocol 馃 that the Parish Council of Alcabideche celebrated today with CAUAL. Another demonstration of CAUAL's competence in what it says...
OFERTA EXCLUSIVA – Docentes, Colaboradores e Alunos do Grupo CEU, Ensino Superior
EXCLUSIVE OFFER 鈥 Faculty, Employees and Students of Grupo CEU, Higher Education
January 20, 2022
The teachers, students and employees of Grupo CEU, Ensino Superior can benefit from help to overcome all consumption conflicts for a single cost of 鈧12.50/part...
January 20, 2022
Did you know that as our student, you can benefit from help overcoming consumer conflicts for a one-time cost of 鈧12.50/part? And that the mediation service in the resolution of...