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CAUAL and ANAFRE sign a collaboration protocol

CAUAL e ANAFRE celebram protocolo de colaboração

On May 31, 2023, at the UNIVERSIDADE AUTÓNOMA DE LISBOA, the Protocol entered into between the Autonomous Arbitration Center and the National Association of Parishes (ANAFRE) was signed.
This Protocol, the only one in the whole country and which covers around 2,700 Parishes, will allow CAUAL's services to reach more parts of our country and thus to more people, allowing true proximity justice. That's our purpose!
The Executive Director of our Arbitration Center, Dr. Carlos Carvalho Cardoso; the President and Vice President of CEU – Cooperativa de Ensino Universitário, Dr. António de Lencastre Bernardo and Prof. doctor Reginaldo Rodrigues de Almeida, respectively and, on behalf of ANAFRE, the President and Vice President, Dr. Jorge Veloso and Dr. Olga Freire, respectively.
More information about the Protocol will be released soon.

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