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Maximum bottled gas pricing – February 2021

Fixação de preços máximos de gás engarrafado – fevereiro de 2021

ERSE has updated the maximum prices to be charged by retailers of LPG bottled in T3 and T5 typologies until February 14, 2021.

The maximum value of butane LPG in the T3 type, for bottles with a capacity of 12.5 kg and 13 kg, is 23.18 euros and 24.10 euros, respectively.
Propane LPG, also in the T3 type, will have a maximum price of €20.27 for a 9 kg bottle and €24.77 for a 11 kg bottle.
With regard to the T5 type, the price of LPG propane cannot exceed €71.09 for a 35 kg bottle and €91.40 for a 45 kg bottle.

To the maximum prices of these LPG bottles, only costs with the delivery service can be added (situations in which the bottles are purchased by telephone or electronically, available at a different location from the point of sale).

These maximum prices have been applicable since February 3, 2021, and ERSE, ASAE and police entities are responsible for inspection.

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