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Parish of Olivais offers more justice to Olivalenses

Freguesia dos Olivais oferece mais justiça aos Olivalenses

The Parish Council of Olivais signed a cooperation protocol with the Arbitration Center of the Autonomous University of Lisbon (CAUAL), with a view to offering its customers a true service of proximity justice.

Now the Olivalenses find in CAUAL a true alternative to the judicial courts, being able to resolve their conflicts in a faster way, with substantially lower costswith a higher degree of satisfaction.

Residents in that area of Lisbon can submit neighborhood, consumer, hospital, work and family conflicts to CAUAL.

Conflicts will be referred to a conflict mediator, certified by the Ministry of Justice, who will help the parties to dialogue, with a view to an eventual agreement.

CAUAL wants to leave here a note of thanks to the President of the Parish Council of Olivais, Dr. Rute Lima, who immediately expressed an interest in offering the service to citizens and companies in the Parish that she directs.

The Member of the Parish Council, Dr. Fernando Pinto, followed the entire process from the beginning and revealed to have very in-depth knowledge of these matters, which facilitated the understanding of the need to offer the service to citizens.


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